Rubbish removal

Don’t waste your time on rubbish

From time to time we all have a good clear out and this is when the rubbish starts to accumulate. Quite often getting rid of old furniture and bits and bobs can turn into a waste of your time as it all needs to go to different places.

Not to mention the ability for it to be re-used or re-cycled. That is where we come in – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure as they say. As we live in a world where everyone is trying to be kinder to the environment and to push sustainability, when we remove your waste, we ensure wherever possible that is re-used re-cycled.

Whenever possible we look to up-cycle items ourself, then we can sell an item and donate to charity. We don’t want you to waste your time thinking about how to get rid of your mountain of rubbish. Just give us a call, we will provide you with a quote and then arrange collection.

Your rubbish pile then becomes a usable space for you again. For us, it doesn’t matter what kind of rubbish removal you require. Our team will have it gone in no time.


Bee friendly to bugs

In your garden there are a multitude of bugs that love to visit. Although you may not like them sometimes, the environment really does need to see populations of some bug life thrive. Especially bees.

Whether you have a couple of acres or just a balcony garden, think of your space as a pit stop for pollinators and other insects. Pockets of the right plant life in our towns, cities and villages can be used by insects as they navigate our built environments.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a whole allotment or a hanging basket, it can all help.

The good news is that gardening for insects is one of those activities in which less really is more. The best environments for British insects are those that are closest to our native natural habitats. In many cases, that means that the best thing you can do is not very much.

Wildflower patches are perfect for the pollinators. You can even purchase bee-bombs now that means all the right types of plant are readily put together for you. For those that aren’t too keen on gardening this wildflower idea is perfect as there is no real maintenance – you just let nature do its thing.

Bee and bug hotels -these are easily to buy or even make for yourself nowadays. Adding a tree, a pond or some shrubs will provide areas for nature to thrive. Have fun making space for our bees and bugs to thrive and if you need a little help then call us and we can help you plan a garden thoughtfully.

property management

Managing your rental properties the easy way

Here at Cleared Away we work with Robinson Jackson in Gravesend and the rental properties they manage. The property managers here work with landlords to ensure hey have a ‘hassle-free’ investment.

There are reportedly over 500 laws and legislations governing the buy-to-let industry. The lettings staff and property managers at Robinson Jackson receive daily updates on rental rules and regulations, so they can keep you better informed. When new regulations are introduced they ensure you are compliant.

Based in two central Letting Centres, their Property Managers are qualified, experienced professionals, who are unflappable in an emergency.

The benefits of using an agent to manage your rental properties include:

  • Collecting rent and producing a monthly statement of accounts
  • Conducting regular property visits
  • Swift response to maintenance issues, obtaining quotes and overseeing the works
  • Annual gas and electricity checks
  • Providing the financial information needed for your tax return
  • The option of rent guarantee and legal cost protection

They will also offer a tailor-made lettings package to suit your individual circumstances as each landlord is an individual. If you would like to know more about becoming a landlord or if you would like to transfer your managed rental properties over contact Robinson-Jackson here.


Does your garden need sprucing up?

We’ve had a wonderful few days over the last few weeks that make it feel like Spring is definitely on the way. With this is mind does your garden need sprucing up?

Some people are naturally green fingered and during this lockdown have been outside and made what was a good garden great. If you have been working throughout or are not gifted in the art of garden design or, you might not like getting out their and weeding etc, we may be the help you need.

This time of year is the perfect time to create the garden of your dreams so you can enjoy those longer and lighter evenings and as well as balmy summer days. You may just want a garden clear up with weeding, lawns mowed and shrubbery trimmed. If you are looking to create a more functional space outdoors why not think of a decked area where you can relax in the sun.

Perhaps you want your garden to be low maintenance so the grass needs removing and replacing with gravel, stones or paving. A smaller garden benefits from this look with stylish painted fences and pot plants to draw interest and add colour.

However big or small your outside space is we can help personalise it to your tastes and making sure it fits your needs. A play space for the kids, a vegetable patch, a place to entertain, maximising the sun spots, adding colour with paint and pots or even giving the old shed a new lease of life. Your outside space can be an extension of your home with a stunning gazebo or conservatory adding extra living or entertaining space.

There is no need to settle for a few shrubs and a lawn nowadays. If you are green fingered and just need help clearing the garden our team can help you there too. If it’s a modern or more classic design we are here with experience to help you.

Whatever you need, our team here at Cleared Away are experienced gardening professionals. We can provide maintenance services or a full garden re-design.

end of tenancy clean

Need an end of tenancy clean?

If you are a tenant and moving out of your rental, in order to get your deposit back you need to ensure your end of tenancy clean is up to the standards required.

As a landlord an end of tenancy clean is the bare minimum you need to do before a new tenant moves in. A rental property needs to be in tip top condition before it is rented out again. Renters are looking for clean, tidy and neutral properties to move in to.

Some landlords have to manage much more than a basic clean though, as some renters can leave a property in less than a charming condition. This might mean removal of rubbish, tidy up of garden, re-painting within the property and of course the end of tenancy clean itself.

This is where we come in as our expert team is used to transforming properties. From construction right the way through to cleaning we can make sure you investment stays in tip top condition in between rentals.

We work with real estate agents and property management agencies to handle cleaning of homes after tenants move out and before the new ones move in.

End of tenancy cleaning services are tailored to take one of the biggest stresses out of moving out of a rented property. Well, ours are, at least. We clean the property like never before. Whether you are a tenant, landlord or estate agent managing a portfolio of properties we are here to take the strain out of moving.


Is your boiler fit for winter?

Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or landlord now is the time to starting thinking about the health of your boiler.

So what is the condition of your heating system?

Did you know over 50% of domestic boiler breakdowns occur between November and February, so consumers need to plan ahead to ensure that their heating systems are ready for the cold weather.

For boilers that are already suffering from wear and tear, the increased strain of daily use can cause components to fail and breakdown. 

The warning came from consumer advice firm, The Heating Hub.

Jo Alsop, founder of The Heating Hub, said: “It’s no great surprise that boiler breakdowns rise during the winter months when we rely on our heating systems more frequently, but faulty boilers can leave households without heating or hot water when they need it most.  

Most people are also spending much more time at home now due to lockdown and this in turns puts extra strain on the hating and hot water systems.

Boilers can be repaired of course but the inconvenience of having no heating or hot water for a few days, especially during a cold snap could cause all manner of problems. For you as a homeowner or landlord and of course to any tenants.

Regularly servicing or managing your boiler can save all manner of costs from spiralling. New boilers are expensive though that investment could be worth it if you could consider the scenario of the damage burst pipes can cause a property – commercial of domestic.

Don’t forget winter proofing your property all round. We have had our first cold snap of the year but post December the cold weather will move in as usual.

If you would like to hear more about our property maintenance services call one of the friendly team today. We can take care of your property so you can relax and enjoy the festive season.

Preparing your property for winter

As we switch shoes for boots and reach for the central heating dial it is the time of year to do a few checks on your property just to make sure it is winter ready. If you are a landlord this applies to all of your properties. Not checking some of these things could result in costly repairs. Ensuring correct property maintenance throughout the year means that your property remains in optimal health.
Clear the guttersAt this time of year gutters need to be cleared to be effective. Leaves are falling and often block the gutters. This will stop them being effective in draining and could cause damp in the home and overflowing dripping gutters if not looked after.
Check the roofMost homes are ok in this department but some of the older houses may need a little work come autumn. Take a look to see if there are any loose tiles and get any repaired before stormy and frosty winter hits.
Check the boilerThe good old boiler is something you rely on for heating and hot water but many forget it goes from ticking along to full speed in a matter of days when it gets colder. Like a car it needs to be maintained to ensure it operates optimally so get gas safe engineer to give it a thorough check before it needs to power those radiators throughout winter.
Test the heatingYes, it’s almost time if you haven’t weakened already…switching the heating on is something most of us try to stave off but check everything works after many months of non-use. Once the system is on make sure each one of the radiators works as they should and if not you may need to bleed them. Tenants with heating problems tend to pick up the phone rather than do these things so it is best to make sure yourself.
Sweep the chimneyIf you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful real fire in your home then now is the time to get those chimneys swept. Just in time for some of the first cosy log fires of the season.
OutsideIt is just about time for the last grass cut of the season. Trim back shrubs near path ways so that on damp dark nights it is easy to get to your front door. Check the bulbs in outdoor lighting and add a little decorative lighting to highlight pathways. If working on your outside space is something you don’t fancy, then our team is happy to help

Property Management – the hassle-free way to manage your rental property

When you step into the world of becoming a landlord it can be an exciting venture, however your rental property needs to be run like a business as there are plenty of rules, regulations and legislation to ensure your tenant is housed in a fully compliant and safe home. The Right to Rent Immigration Checks, CP12 Gas Safety Checks, Legionella, Smoke and Fire Alarm Legislation to name but a few, means not doing these things correctly and on time could be costly.
As experienced property managers, we know that apart from the safety of the home, the day to day administration, sorting out problems and dealing with tenants professionally and in a timely manager can be very time consuming. When you add property maintenance into that mix your time is just taken over. This is where we come in with skilled trades and handymen at our disposal to deal with problems quickly.
As part of the service we make periodic visits to ensure your property is being looked after by the tenants. Keeping this good working relationship with the tenants is an important part of our service so when we get problems they can be sorted out quickly with minimum fuss. We have an in-house property maintenance service that means dealing with property problems can be done efficiently and effectively within a budget agreed by yourself as the landlord.
The aim of our service is to manage, maintain & protect what is normally your biggest financial asset.
Should your new asset need some superficial work to get it ready to receive tenants, we can make sure it has a deep clean with any other waste removed. A quick coat of paint and some new flooring can transform a shabby property into a desirable one in an instant. If the property needs more work like a like bathroom or kitchen, we can provide a cost-effective quote to ensure you get new tenants in there quickly for a ROI. Property maintenance is paramount as a landlord.
If you are thinking of investing in a buy to let property or you already have one or more properties then talk to us to see how our Property Services could benefit you.