Is your bathroom floating your boat?


From invigorating morning showers to blissful soaks in the tub after a long day, our bathroom is the centre of wellness and relaxation within our homes. It’s therefore important to create a space that feels balanced for all our needs.

Designing a bathroom might seem a daunting task, but with some of the great bathroom ideas out there it should be fun. There are several essential elements to consider when you think about bathroom design – whether you want to know how to install a shower room or what bathroom suite will suit your space, go online and investigate gorgeous bathroom decorating ideas.

The first step is to set your budget. It will help you make smarter choices when you start looking at everything. Consider who uses the room, as this will have a big bearing on the scheme you finally choose. Is it to be an en-suite shower room for two? Or a family bathroom that will require a bath and plenty of storage for toys?

A spa-style sanctuary will require a long list of specifications and fittings that could include a bath, separate shower, double basins, and heaps of storage, while a guest bathroom may just require a shower and loo.

Next, ask yourself what sort of space you hope to achieve. Are you seeking a haven to escape to, or are you more of an invigorate-and-energise kind of person? This will affect the fixtures, fittings and colour scheme you choose.

A scale plan of your space is a good place to start. Measure carefully as accurate dimensions are key and include features that are likely to affect the design, including windows, radiators and doors.

If you are looking for a budget way of updating your current bathroom consider replacing fittings, flooring and tiles or repainting walls to get a quick refresh. If your layout isn’t quite right, think about the ways you might be able to make small but effective changes. Rehanging doors or fitting sliding ones is an excellent way to gain space, for instance.

There’s no point pining for his-and-her sinks, a statement walk-in shower or a double-ended roll top if they won’t fit. The truth of the matter is it isn’t going to be possible in the most UK bathrooms – apparently the average footprint is about the same as a king-size bed. Think about storage, ventilation and lighting when you are creating your plan too.

If you are ready to take the next steps then contact us as we can help you create a new bathroom space from scratch or just go down the budget conscious route and help you replace the flooring ad tiles.

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