Bee friendly to bugs

In your garden there are a multitude of bugs that love to visit. Although you may not like them sometimes, the environment really does need to see populations of some bug life thrive. Especially bees.

Whether you have a couple of acres or just a balcony garden, think of your space as a pit stop for pollinators and other insects. Pockets of the right plant life in our towns, cities and villages can be used by insects as they navigate our built environments.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a whole allotment or a hanging basket, it can all help.

The good news is that gardening for insects is one of those activities in which less really is more. The best environments for British insects are those that are closest to our native natural habitats. In many cases, that means that the best thing you can do is not very much.

Wildflower patches are perfect for the pollinators. You can even purchase bee-bombs now that means all the right types of plant are readily put together for you. For those that aren’t too keen on gardening this wildflower idea is perfect as there is no real maintenance – you just let nature do its thing.

Bee and bug hotels -these are easily to buy or even make for yourself nowadays. Adding a tree, a pond or some shrubs will provide areas for nature to thrive. Have fun making space for our bees and bugs to thrive and if you need a little help then call us and we can help you plan a garden thoughtfully.