Benefits of an extension for business use

With more of us starting to work at home some are asking the question as to what the benefits of an extension to the home for business may be. In fairness there will be things you can claim back.

If you are a sole trader or managing director of a business and intend to convert or build an area in your home that will solely be for the use of the business then you may be able to claim VAT back from a business perspective as it will be the business that pays for the work to be undertaken.

As more and more people are comfortable and effectively working from home is this something you have personally considered. A prime space that is separate from the main area of the house where you could get your work done (including video calls) without the family noise and interruption.

If you are a higher level executive this may be all more important from your clients perspective from a confidentiality point of view.

Now when you look at your property where could any extension go? Is there space above the garage? Perhaps a double height extension could add an extra bedroom to your property. Perhaps a remodel of the interior ground floor could provide the space for your family and close off an area for business.

It does seem that we are staying at home for longer than all of us ever first considered. If you would like a chat about a construction project or conversion project our team will gladly talk you through the process.

Your imagination really is the key to this whole process starting. Imagine the best version of what you require and we will help you bring that vision to life. Consider colours, textures, shapes, what you need to achieve from the build and the picture will start to build.