Do you need a home office?

home office

If this year has shown us anything it could be the benefits of working from home. So do you need a home office? Many people have managed with make shift desks in the form of dining tables but this is not the best way to ensure you have a proper workspace.

Right where the family are running around, the TV might be on, people asking you questions all when you need to concentrate.

So, if you need a home office do you have the space for it? If not have you thought about extending your home or perhaps building above your garage?

What are the benefits:

Firstly you have a space dedicated to work, one where you will not be disturbed when the door is shut and one you can leave once your day is done.

It will make you much more organised and focussed. This means you can have the perfect creative and professional space for you to work. You can even create the perfect workspace for your conference calls and virtual meetings.

You’ll notice that your productivity will increase when you move from an area in the home to your own home office. This is because you are no longer surrounded by distractions. You won’t be sat near the TV so that temptation is avoided. You also won’t see the kids toys around you that need to be cleared away. You’ll be in your home office, away from all the distractions.

There are some huge tax savings and tax reductions available when you have a garage conversion or convert areas of your home into a home office.

If 2020 is anything to go by then it may be a good idea to start planning this now. Give one of our friendly team a call and let us help you create a calm and professional place to work.

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