Planning the perfect new kitchen

new kitchen

The kitchen has always been the heart of any home. It’s where families get together and friends come over for fun. When you are planning the perfect new kitchen, the only limit is your imagination and the space you are working with. Prue Leith recently wrote about her new kitchen and it contains 5 ovens!

If, like Prue you an avid baker and a social cook then make sure there are plenty of countertops for you to utilise. Think about where your company would be sitting whilst you were baking and how much storage you might need. Now we are emerging from lockdown, the last year has taught us how much we can enjoy being at home.

Does your current kitchen not work for you and your family? Planning a new kitchen can be fun for the whole family. You might need to create more space by combing the kitchen and dining areas into a functional open plan family room.

Consider what appliances you might need and remember in most cases here bigger is better for a family. Plot out your working area, does the sink need to be a few steps away from your prep area? How much surface top do you require? Have you considered adding an island – they are great for storage, seating and potentially for placing appliances.

Once you have considered all the things you need, then the fun starts. What colours and textures are you thinking about? Modern and contemporary or a classic shaker style with a modern twist. There are so many choices out there now, it is very easy to create a unique new kitchen for your property.

Of course, if you need help planning or with any construction our experienced team are here to help you seamlessly through the project. Contact us today.

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