The benefits of planned maintenance

When you run a commercial enterprise the worst thing that can happen is a problem in the building that either stops work from taking place or something that damages stock. These are some of the reasons that planned maintenance is something your business should be thinking about as part of its business continuity plan.
The main benefits of planned maintenance include any downtime is scheduled and the right parts and skilled trades are on site to check and update your equipment so that there is minimal downtime. If you schedule this planned maintenance with us at ClearedAway you can rest easy knowing that our skilled trades will keep your business running.
Compliance is the other reason so your business does not suffer fines. If you are a busy facilities manager the last thing you need to be dealing with is a leaking toilet or a cold office. Reactive maintenance is a part of everyday life and sometimes no amount of planned maintenance can account for a problem that could cause damage to your bottom line. Our team are on hand to attend your business quickly to sort out the problems.
Frozen pipes are another one of those problems that creeps up on us. Frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes and burst pipes can result in a small leak or a large flood. All of this is costly to the business. Looking at where you need to schedule planned maintenance will cause you less headaches in the long run. Making sure your business runs as smoothly as it can year- round.
Property maintenance in commercial or domestic properties is our speciality. Whether you are looking for regular or one-off maintenance you will find the skilled trades at our disposal will make looking after your property portfolio or commercial property easy saving you time and money.

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