Too much rubbish to move?

Whether you are clearing out rubbish from that murky old garage that has been stacked up for years, or need a house clearance our team is here to help you. After you have been working all week, the last thing you need to do is come home and clear out an area that needs taking to the tip or to charity etc.

This is where our skilled team rise to the challenge. If your garden looks more like a rubbish dump with an old shed or greenhouse that needs to go, we can dismantle and remove before you fire up your evening barbecue. Keeping rubbish around is dangerous and during these hot summer months can encourage wildlife of the unsavoury variety to take up residence.

So, rather than delaying the inevitable as your stomach sinks when you think about the amount you have to clear, call in Cleared Away. We will have your garage, shed or garden back to a functional space you can use quickly. Then if you need a little more help getting the garden spick and span for guests our team of landscapers will have you looking like the green fingered king before you know it.

When you have rubbish to remove call Cleared Away – we have a range of services that will keep your property in tip top shape.

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